Help launch Threat Modeling: Designing for Security


Thank you for asking how to help launch this book, or looking for information about the launch.

A note from Adam

After years of working on this book, I'm finally ready to spread the word about it, and would love your help. Whatever you'd like to do is great. If you're looking for ideas, this page offers some, along with words you can use or adapt, the one best link, the cover, and more. (Launch day was February 17, 2014, but I'd still appreciate help spreading the word.)

How to help

Sample text for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or email

If you're unsure what to say, you can use any of these, or use them as a starting point:

Best single link to use:

Book cover

threat-modeling-cover-small If you'd like to use the book cover in a blog post, here's links to the small (160 × 200 px), medium (406 × 511 px), and large(1474 × 1857) versions of the cover.

threat-modeling-cover-small If you'd like to use a book image, we have that too: small (160 × 182 px), medium (300 × 342 px), and large (780 × 890 px) versions of the book.

We also have author images of Adam Shostack large (1024 × 952)

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Thank you for considering helping me launch the book. Also, thanks to Scott Berkun for his inspirational "how to help" webpage for his "Year without Pants" book.